Hey guys I was wondering how everyone uses certain pedals. I was thinking more specifically of phasers, flangers, and delays. What do you guys use these pedals for in some of your original songs? Like, use them in verses, solos, bridges, etc...?

Just wondering.
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I use delay mostly in intros and outros, and if there is like some epic part somewhere in a song.

I do have a flanger but I've never been able to find any real use for it in original songs.

I don't have a phaser.
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Well its where ever you want it to be. My delays usually come in verse but much of the time I'll keep the delay on a guitar track for the entire song. I like using delay to "chuck" as Tom Morello calls. I don't know what the actual term is, percussive picking on muted strings? This is something that the Edge does a lot. I find that phasers and flangers are nice for intros but you get some really interesting tones if you play palm muted with them. I like using effects like those for main riffs palm muted and usually off for choruses, but I like my choruses a bit on the simple side. I use a lot of effects but also a lot of distortion and my style of play is probably different from yours. For delay I'd recommend listening to U2 and phasers and flangers are all over the place. Tom Morello uses a phaser at the beginning of "Killing in the Name"
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I use delay during solos or just lead parts over rhythm. Never really use phasers or flangers but I have for intros a couple times but don't really bother with 'em overall.
i use delay very heavily in my originals, regardless of what section of the song. It could be slapback, it could act like a concert hall reverb, or my all time fav...synchronized timing for crazy stuff.

Flanger is for here and there effect use

Phaser is about the same as flanger, sometimes i use it for tonal purposes in certain songs