I got a black duo-sonic maple neck
I want to put a Black PG on for sure, and also add some much needed fender chrome. It's a small guitar. I'm thinking, the GFS reproductions of the fender wide ranges. does anyone have any experience with these pups? also my syle tends to be punk,grungy bluesy sludge. If theres a better option be it a single, p90, or humbucker let me know. my preference is just to keep it black with chrome, almost like a a mini '72 tele deluxe. black on black with chrome and a maple neck is just the definition of sexy to me.
Having the room for the pickups shouldn't be a problem. But I'm willing to bet that the body isn't already routed to accept them. So it'd be some work on your part.
I haven't used those pickups in particular but I have had good luck with other GFS pickups and parts.