I've always struggled with writing lyrics for songs. I can write the chords and riffs to go along with them, but my friends always write the lyrics for me. Could anyone offer some tips or help on how to go about writing please? Anything at all will help, organization, ideas or whatever. thanks
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I"m pretty sure that there's a forum somewhere under songwriting, someone will probably link you there.
I have the same problem as you, it's hard.
Just keep trying and let things come to you in a stream of consciousness if that's what works best for you.
When I write lyrics, I like to use common phrases. People can relate, but then switch it up a bit. I am not a fan of literal lyrics. I like to have multiple meanings to mine. Another thing I do is just record myself singing jiberish to a melody while playing the chords and then listen back and see what it sounds like I am saying:

Rhythm Beside Me

I see the smoke, when will it clear
I feel the pain cause you’re not here
I hear the raging thunder just outside my doorway

I see the smile upon my face
I feel the hate, the disgrace
I’m unaware I wonder, roll me away

Rhythm beside me
They’ll never find me
Runnin’ I won’t let it stay
Rhythm beside me
Don’t let it blind me
Stay in line, don’t let me be

I feel the rain upon my face
I can not see, I can’t taste
I’ve got the role of mercy, the crack in the floor

I feel the pain cause you’re not here
I hear the sound, it’s loud and clear
I feel the rage of ruin knockin’ on my door
Briefly my friend, cus I gotta go to sleep..
first of all, write a list of stuff that you want your song to be about
then try to connect them with verbs and metaphores and things like that
and for the melody of the voice, play the chords of your song
and sing whatever comes up in whatever tuning (You will automatically hit a right
tuning for each chord.. its natural)
and keep trying, its pretty fun although sometimes pretty annoying when it doesnt work
i try to write about abstract things. I don't like to be clear about what im talking about in my lyrics. like what Skretta Music said, i usually have multiple meanings.
I agree with McDuffee23. Something abstract is always nice in lyrics. Use several metaphores and such things. make your lyrics deep. That usually leaves the reader in continuous thoughts. What I usually like to do is to write abt my experiences. It makes me know my words more, and it basically just makes the lyrics that much better and also a bit easier to write. Experiences are usually easy to describe, depending on the situation ofc. But yea, even if you're describing an experience, don't be so clear with what you say, try to just..mislead the reader (: Uhmm..what else. Oh a thing i tried out when i first started writing lyrics; write just random stuff from your mind, revolving around just one subject at the time, down on a piece of paper. Just w/e you have in mind. Then break that down, take the mane things, and just..rewrite that into lyrics. Then change it up to be less clear (: (I know what you're thinkin, "slight obsession with making things less clear?" :P) Nahh.

That's all I can really say i think. If anything else I'll post again. Hope I could help (:


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I love to write lyrics. I just write whatever i'm thinking about.
Just say whats going on in my head.

And if i wanna be sneaky, then i'll try to word it differently to hide my meaning. but mostly i'm pretty outright and honest, just not mentioning many names