i have a quistion

rock & metal is that suck?!?!

cuz when play music in paltalk they always kick me

and when i play music in IMVU

ppl start to say bad stuff about rock and metal amd guitarsts....etc

and they say its just screamin

so rock & metal is that suck ?!?!
Repeat threads is suck.
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it was funny but now its suck. GTFO.

il sara7a il sara7a, i made you a goat but i eated it

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Interesting proposal. Is rock and metal is that suck or are you preconditioned to see it as what is that suck. A classic case of Nurture vs Nature. Perhaps expanding your horizon will open you up to many things you previously thought is that suck and begin to love them.
What do you mean then? Some people don't like rock and metal, others do, and that's fine.
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