i imagine your eyes to be like my envy,
forever in green
so even the june bugs that are scattered
across my weathered summer porch
would look at them with admiration.
we could curtail reality
as the oak trees would form fanciful horizons
to our purple painted seas,
red hearts beating endlessly
until our skin turns primer grey (properly cooked).
what is, is, and what isn't, isn't.

from a white ford bronco,
i see there is more than one point of view.
Thanks for the crit of mine...

There's a great deal of description here, and all of it is well written. The ending surprised me as the beginning leads one toward a completely different interpretation than the one demanded by the final 4 lines.

There are a few things that I picked up on which made me question some of your word selection. With the exception of a few portions, the piece maintains a nice consonance with the letter "r" and assonance with the repeated hard "e". For example, although it rhymes with horizons, I wasn't fond of the word admiration. "High esteem", could be read with the same scansion and continue the assonance, but it may require more work to fit it in as it leaves horizons kinda dangling