So I need help on deciding which guitar to get next. The JEM7V or the RG4570Z.
I just played the JEM today and that thing is amazing. The scalloped frets are a thing of beauty and it just felt right. Plus the neck is super sturdy and the trem system is great. Can't really find any cons on it as far as I know.
Didn't get a chance to play the RG since they don't have any on the floor but the new ZPS trem system sounds ridiculously cool and unique.
Having a hard time making a choice right now.

So if you guys could help list the pros and cons of both guitars. I'm going to use it mainly for metal leads but also for the clean side because who doesn't love a clean tone. I need a trem system that works awesome for metal (divebombs, etc etc), keeps it in tune and is pretty easily interchangeable between tunings. Your guys' help is much appreciated.
1 with any floating trem system interchangeable tuning s are going to be a bitch because you have to get the guitar reset up every time. 2 Go with the Jem that guitar is perfect in oh so many ways. Unless you prefer the RG neck. The Jem can handle anything depending on the amp though..so just make sure you have a good amp should you choose to go with that guitar.
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its true, if youre going to be changing tunings often, you don't wanna deal with a floating trem
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Alright awesome. Just making sure, my knowledge on trem systems isn't so great. So JEM's interchangeable pretty easy as compared to the RG right.
Definitely leaning more to the JEM. Such a beautiful guitar. Thanks for the input guys.
They're both at even keel. But very different guitars. The RG is mahogony with alnico pups, the Jem is alder with ceramic pups. One would assume the Jem is the more attacking option, and the RG is the beefier.

If I were you, I'd get a Jem, but thats because I like hardwoods with ceramic pups.
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Also the Jems trem (provided it's set up properly) will stay in tune for waaaay longer then the rg's will and tiger claw is awesome for pull ups .
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The man speaks truth.

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That was probably the first time I've ever laughed at the "over 9000" meme.
Well, you sure seem to like the Jem...

Get the Jem?
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JEM has more range,it has the incredible Edge tremolo(which is made by gotoh in japan) and as one of the hoshino reps told,it is the highest quality guitar that they produce.

ZPS might sound cool but thats about it.I opened this thread to make aware of the falsely advertised ZPS system


+ the JEM and the 4570 feels vastly different,the JEM's neck is 19-21 mm while the 4570 neck is 18-20,but the big difference is the fret width,The JEM with a much more comfortable 56mm and the 4570 with the standard 58 mm which most of us feel,is too big.

you played the JEM,you loved it.dont think about it twice..the 4570 will feel vastly different and if you dont like it,you're in trouble.

definitely the JEM
Awesome thanks a lot guys. Appreciate the feedback. Definitely going for the JEM now. Just had to make sure I was getting the right gear =P
post pics and put it in your sig when you get it and you`ll be invited into the JEM owners club, htere are plenty of other prestige with the edge zero trem as found on the rg4570z for you to try but definatly go for the Jem regardless, you won`t be disappointed.

incidentally there seems to be a surge on peeps buying/ enquiring about Jems atm...something going on that peeps are getting vast amounts of money that i should be made aware of