okay i recently got a squire strat standard series and have been trying to find out what kind of strings are stock on them... sorry if this is a noob question but ive searched and havnt found my answer yet. can someone point me to the right place please? thx in advanced

--- Doug
they're probably some no-name factory brand

replace 'em
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Maybe Fender bullets?
If you take a look at the end inside the bridge you'll be able to tell if they are, look 'em up and you'll see they have a different end to your average strings.
Probably some shitty basic d'addario strings.
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I believe they're Fender bullets, but you'd be better off with a set of Ernie Balls or D'Addario than trying to replace the original brand.
they have bullets on the ends on them. that should narrow it down a little
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