hey I've got a roland micro cube. and I'm looking for an new amp.
so I maybe thought.
I'd buy an amp head and then via the Aux in plug connect it with my micro cube.
so the sound of the head comes from the speaker of my microcube would this be possible???.
and yes this is a serious question cus maybe it will look dumb
but I don't have that big money to also buy a cab.
Already thanks.
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Bad idea for several reasons.
First, you'll probably damage Cube or the head doing that. Normal cabs don't have a power supply so all of the power needed to work comes from amp head. So basically, you're sending amplified signal into aux in, which is built for unamplified signal.
Also, if you don't fry them, it will definitely sound bad. Worse than cube on its own.
Assuming you don't need high volume amp, try buying a small tube combo - it will get you a nice sound you want and you won't have to spend as much as you would if you were buying separate head and cab.

And seriously, amp head on top of micro cube?