So when I came up this idea it began as a country song. In the style of an old classic country tune. (Think George Jones I guess.) But as I was writing more lyrics I found it to be more suitable for folk music. Anyways, let me know what you think. Its basically about how some women always seem to want whatever it is they cant have. IE a woman who enters a relationship only to become envious of her friends that are single and vice versa and what that does for the guy.


hard day of working
out in the sun
getting back to myh darling
how fast can it come
flowers oh please
put a smile on her face
lately she just seems
tired of the same

Ive tried and Ive tried
giving my all
but what she wants she cant have
I guess that is all
same old time
same old place
forget me now
before I remember the pain

whoever said it was easy
is more foolish than I
here I was
thinking everything was alright
change came like a strong wind
on a sandpaper beach
Id try to catch you
but theres nothing to reach

my darling wants
what she cant have
no more games no chase
no random place
no time unknown
no waiting for the phone
its all a routine
a nightmare from a dream
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Yeah I think this would be quite good.

There's something I like about the closing verse especially.

Also the line
hard day of working
Is a nice way to start the song.

Nice one.