Hey everybody, I'm a guitar beginner and I've started to wonder about the way I'm holding my pick.

I've been practicing with picking alot since I thought about that, and I really can't decide which way to hold it...
So far, I've been playing it with my thumb+ index finger. However, recently I tried playing with my thumb+ middle finger which surprisingly turned out to be better for me.

Problem is, I can't really decide which way to use. The index finger one is more comfortable on me, however... when I pick like this usually my pick slips and moves in my hands and often I gotta stop and fix it's position. On the other hand, I feel alot more accurate with the middle finger and the pick doesn't slip, but it slightly strains my hand after a few minutes of picking.

My main question: Which one to use? if I practice enough will the middle finger strain go away, and if I practice enough I can become more accurate with the index?

TL;DR picking with thumb+ index is less straining but less accurate, picking with middle finger is more straining but more accurate, which one?

(Apologize for poor sentence structure etc, bad english here.)
when i started i also used thumb and middle finger, but soon transistioned to thumb and index. thumb and index will be better and the pick slips sometimes for me too but it will come in time. hope it helps
Use whatever's comfortable for you, man. I don't even use a pick anymore!
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use your thumb and index finger.

the pick slips because you are just beginning. soon you'll develop a comfortable grip and more strength in your fingers and the pick wont slip as much. your accuracy will also naturally improve.

you dont really want to use a finger that starts straining after use, its not good for it.

oh and your english is better than some english speaking people on here :P
pick which ever one you want. there are so many artists out there that prove it doesn't matter how you hold the pick, just as long as you practice.

Paul Gilbert uses the index+thumb with the index curled
James Hetfield uses the middle+thumb (so do I)
Chris Broderick actually uses a thumb ring pick

So try them all out figure out which one you like best or just be able to transition when you need to. From what I figure, its really hard to sweep pick using the middle finger style. So I'm working on my index finger style for that.
Agreed, pinch harmonics are hard to play with middle finger + you are much more restricted. That sound I know ppl with really unique playing styles and it gives them a really unique sound. I would however strick with thumb and index, it's tried and tested to work well.
Hmmph I see, thanks for the replies everyone.

Are there any advantages to Thumb+ middle, like using the index finger which is now free for anything else?
I played for like a year using thumb, index and middle... it was awful. I started getting better and started learning songs with pinch harmonics and let's just say I had to go back to the basics of picking and start with thumb/index. It's much better. But don't worry so much about angle of the pick or anything, it's all preference.
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