I had a GP tab up a while ago of this, haven't had the chance to record this so I just uploaded the RSE version of it. This is basically an 8 minute medley of different Zelda themes done in a metal style, mainly. Took quite a long time but I think it turned out alright. The pick scrape just when the tempo picks up at the start came out as a slide for some reason, and a few pinched harmonics came out as the wrong notes as well.

The sections of the medley are in this order:
Saria - Intro, Tempo Increase, Solo, Break, Tapping Verse
Gerudo Valley - Intro, Theme A, B, C, D, E
Lake Hylia - Intro, Theme A, B, A
Hyrule Field - Intro/Solo, Bridge, Theme A, B, C
Zelda's Lullaby - Intro/Theme A, Theme A/Solo, Theme B/Solo, Theme A
Sacred Grove - Outro

i listend to the first few mins of it. sounded good. i dont know nothing about zelda. but sounded good. dont know what else to say. you must have allot of time. an 8 min zelda tune, lol. that was good though man. everything sounded spot on as far as what i heard of it. good job with this.

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please tell me which guitar and settings you used to get that tone in GP
I like it Definitely a nice metalized version of the varying themes - I've been working on one myself as well, although it hasn't gotten quite as far as yours, nor as expansive as far as with solos and what not as I couldn't play em anyways probably XD

here's my (rather short) version of it as well if you care to check it out


or here

its most definitely without a doubt incomplete, as I've been wanting to add more themes from the snes and nes series. But I just haven't been able to wrap my head on the continuity of the song so far - and how I want to bring in the other themes I've chosen...
Dude! Gotta love Zelda, I have to say that I quite love this and am quite impressed by the arrangement. Really, gnarly shit. If you like video game music, you must check out "The Advantage". They are a band that plays nintendo covers as a rock band.
Quote by logan91
please tell me which guitar and settings you used to get that tone in GP

I used the Les Paul(bridge) and Strat(middle) guitars in GP6

Thanks guys, I'll have to check that out gabestigmatic. Kinda sounds like Powerglove, who do loadsa VGM metal. Check out Prince of Darkness as well he's done some amazing VGM metal stuff. If you ever played Sonic & Knuckles, and remember the theme from Flying Battery, and the James Bond theme, you'll be amazed by this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DYYbhO00qM

And Night, I liked the guitar tone you got for that, you should definitely try and expand on it.
Trying to get more opinions on this so I'm bumping it since it's been a while.

I figured I'd get people's crit first before I try to c4c on someone else's work since they might not even know Zelda very well. So if you're familiar with Zelda, check this out