I have recently got a new computer, which is equipped with Windows 7. Now I am pretty sure I'm not the only Win 7 user on UG, so I hope some of you can help me with this issue.

The core of the problem is this : in contrast to Windows XP, Windows 7 does not have any kind of sound mixer. In other words, no way to select the recording input device (stereo mix, mono mix, microphone, line-in, ...). Instead, apparently I have to go to Control Panel - Sounds - Recording, and select stereo mix there. But as many other people have already experienced, the stereo mix option just doesn't show up. Like it never existed. Even when clicking on "show hidden devices", there's nothing.

I just updated my sound card driver to the latest release (hell, I even tried older versions of the driver), but all to no avail. In short : there is absolutely no way to record any sound from the computer. Not even a drum track from Guitar Pro, because when I click record, it just produces a small wav file which is 1 second long. Please UG, help me!
If it's got realtek audio, you can't
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What sound card are you even using? And are you trying to record things directly from your sound card? I fail to see why you'd want to record the pile of crap that is GP drums, get ezdrummer or superior drummer.
I have a Sound Blaster XTreme Audio, pretty good sound card. I do not see why it wouldn't show stereo mix. As for the drums, I am using RSE, it's not that bad
Quote by Carl_Berg
I have a Sound Blaster XTreme Audio, pretty good sound card. I do not see why it wouldn't show stereo mix. As for the drums, I am using RSE, it's not that bad

No really, it is that bad, it even makes ez sound good (at least it has humanization). As for the sound card, I have no idea, though I haven't been able to record from my sound card with my new win 7 computer either.
Well, depending on your computer, it's usually realtek thats your primary sound driver, which sounds great to me. If you use a DAW, you can actually select your sound driver, I have 7 different sound drivers, all of which sound great, but I still perfer the Direct Sound, or the Realtek driver.
Usually after installing ASIO4ALLv2, i select that driver and under its settings, I would then pick the sound card (in your case the Creative) as it's more detailed as to what inputs/outputs you are selecting.
But that's another problem : isn't a sound card if this caliber supposed to have ASIO? Because when I start Reaper, it says it can't detect any ASIO drivers...
What you are going to have to do first is download the asio4all driver. From what I've sen online, the soundcard isn't an asio driver but it does get detected under asio4all.

So this is where you start ----> http://www.asio4all.com/
Quote by Carl_Berg
Are you suggesting I install a Realtek driver for my Creative sound card?

IDK what kind of soundcard I have, I know it's a badass one, for gaming, but yeah, basically, like, I have Wavesound driver, Directsound driver, ASIO driver, Um, and some others that I can't remember, but, for example, if I'm in Reaper, recording a song, and I'm using the ASIO driver program since it has 0 latency, then I can't open another program that involves using a sound driver, cause then both programs will produce no sound. Idk why it does that, but it just does, so if your recording program is open, and say for example you have your Zune player open as well, and from my experience, your using ASIO as your driver, then nothing will work, cause there are two programs trying to use the ASIO driver, which it wont work.

Tis why I stick to DirectSound, it wont do that, but I have a 50 milisecond latency, which is when I start moving tracks around.