Hey guys i just released a new video of my "Modern Warfare" guitar cover !
The video is accompanied with a fan film of the game and the outro/intro are an original compositions !
I've also included a link to my latest "Power Rangers" cover aswell if you want something heavier :P
Leave a comment and "thumb up" if you like it
I mostly do soundtrack related music ! so check it also if you like the style !


Thanks guys and have a good one !
wrong section mang, but I wont report you.....cuz someone else will haha

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That was pretty sick mang.
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What the hell was that video?

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Sorry if i didn't make it clear, this is a guitar cover i arranged from the game "Modern Warfare" . .
I like to cover famous movie/game/tv themes, so instead of filming my self playing it i made it like a "Fan" trailer to a "Fan" movie of some guys did based on the game (Thats what you see in the video).
I will record my self playing it aswell and post again, sorry if i didn't make this clear in my post