Help, my amp has become sick. It's an epiphone valve special 5 watt and it's been through quite abit. It's probably my fault by cranking it too much with a distortion pedal infront.

Ok so here is my problem...

When ever I play a chord or something it has a muble after. It's really weird and I can't explain it very well so I recorded it and uploaded it to my profile.

I'm thinking it's either a valve or the speaker that has gone but to be honest I don't have much experience with blown amps so I don't know :S .
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Does it do it without the distortion pedal? Also the special has a DSP. Are you disabling the FX. Something that lingers on could be a delay or reverb effect.
The clip was without any pedals and with the DSP effects and reverb off.

I also checked to see if it was one of my guitars or a lead problem just incase you ask. The problem is intermittent and some times goes away but always comes back.
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Quote by Milotic
Could it be a microphonic tube?

Yes. I've just googled it and I think thats what it is.

I'm guessing I need to replace the tube. I've tried opening the back of this thing before and failed. I unscrewed it and tried to wedge it out but it didn't budge. Could it be that the back is glued onto this amp or wasn't I trying hard enough?
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Maybe its epiphones way of making you buy a new amp.
If it is a microphonic tube, then it needs to be replaced. Just make sure you unplug the amp when your switching 12ax7 with a new one.
They are usually wedged in pretty tight. Get a knife or something and stick it in through the sides, the tolex will stick to eachother and it can be difficult to get out.
ok guys just a little update...

I still havn't got round to changing the tube as I still have afew more questions

Firstly, how do I know which tube to replace. I have a hunch it's the power tube as I read somewhere that tube cause low frequency noise when microphonic. If anyone could comfirm this it would be great.

Also when it comes to replacing the tube I'll probably just swap it for a new one by the same manufacture but if I was to change the manufacture would I need to bias the amp? I wouldn't know if this is possible as I have yet to open up the back to find any pots to adjust. Is the amp cathode biased? and therefore needs no adjustments?
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