I played for about 4-5 yrs and when I joined the navy for some reason all my motiviation to play left me. I even sold my Jackson SL-1 to get a AR-15. Now that I'm about to get out, I cant get enough playing time in. F'n wierd. I still have my Fender American Standard that I'm playing now, but I miss my SL-1 dearly. And BTW I'm playing thru a Marshall AVT-100. Boss metal zone pedal. Well, now I've realized that this this recent time back playing isnt just a phase so I wanna get another Higher end guitar. I loved my Jackson, but I dont want to limit myself. I'm gonna go to the store and see how other guitars feel and sound like Les Pauls and such but I wanted to see what others on here recommend. One of the things I liked a lot obout the soloist was the TB4 humbucker. The sound was amazing. I had a Ibanez rg-570 b4 the Jackson and it was no comparison. 2 different class guitars though. I'm willing to spend up to 2k but thats the absolute limit. Would like to keep it aroung 1500. Probably buy used. I play mostly metal. I really wanna get big into soloing type stuff again, But Like I said Im not gonna limit myself to just that. Also, I dont know much about or played many Les Pauls, so how do they compare as far as the bridge pick ups go compared to the TB4 in the Soloist? I know its a more versatile guitar but other than that, I dont really know. Sorry for the life story, but I really wanna take my time and do this right.