Hey guys!

Soon I'll have a €200 surplus on my bank account, and I pretty much decided that I would devote that money to a new pedal or something to work on the tone of my gear. You can see what gear I have in my sig.

Now, I am a metalhead, and I want to have a big, crushing sound. I really, really dig Mark Tremonti's tone (from the band Alter Bridge, if you don't know him), I love how full and big it sounds.

What should/could I buy to make my tone have some more "oomph"? I've been looking at some overdrive pedals, and EQs. I'm also interesting in getting a noise gate... So much to choose! Thanks for helping me out =)
MXR 10-band EQ. But if you go for a noise gate, an ISP Decimator.
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I've been looking at the MXR EQ. Wouldn't it be more useful to get one of those rack EQs? Does it make a difference?

Also, how much tone suckage can you expect from a noisegate?
MXR EQ in the loop can work wonders, I use a 6, don't really have a use for the extra knobs and the extra price of a 10 band. I also am a big fan of an od pedal in front of a high gain channel. If you can swing it try to get an od pedal and an eq pedal and you will be in metal heaven...or should I say hell?
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Yeah that would be ideal I suppose, though my budget probably won't suffice... Unless I'd grt a very cheap OD pedal, such as the Bad Monkey OD. Anyone know whether that pedal is any good?

I'm really interested in getting the EQ... my HT-5 EQ is a bit lacking, haha
bad monkey is alright how about looking used? definately full within budget then i think
I can only get it second hand for 40 euros, and if I were to buy it in a shop, it'd cost me.... 45 euros. o.0