Okay guys. So I'm supposed to be seeing Iron Maiden and Dream Theater tonight, and I purchased my pit ticket back when they were relleased a month or so ago.

Unfortunately, it's looking like I might not be able to see the show now, all thanks to this ridiculous system of "Paperless tickets", and the way they work.

My ticket was purchase using my mom's credit card, as the ticket was a two week-early birthday present for me for my 19th birthday. Well, the way the system works, you have to take the credit card to the venue along with a photo ID with the name that matches the name on the credit card. That would be my mother's card, so she would need to be there to present her ID so that I can get in.
Here's where the problems lie:
-The venue is an hour from home
-Mom has to work, so she can go there.
-If I don't see this concert, I might go on a killing spree.

We called Ticketmaster, and they pretty much told us there was nothing we can do. It's against their policy to transfer the purchase to my debit card, to have a written note from my mom that I can give to the box office saying it's authorized...you can't even cancel the ****ing purchase!! So, my mom is out 100 dollars now for a concert I probably can't go see.

Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a way around it?
We added my name as an "authorized user" on the credit card last night, so we are hoping that will work, but I'm not confident in it.

Please help me!

EDIT: Another piece of bullshit involving this-
It doesn't explicitly show you that you have to have the person there whose card was used to purcahse the ticket until after you made the ****ing purchase.
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That's odd. When I saw them, I got paper tickets at will call. Actually, my dad had his ID, so I dunno. Get your mom to take off work.
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can't you take like your mums card, a bill, and some form of photo ID of hers with her address on and your photo ID with address and be like "there's the same address on both... just gimme the f'kin tickets" because LOADS of people buy concert tickets as presents, this paperless thing stops the ability of concert ticket gift buying, it's ridiculous and pathetic and i hope it goes away soon.
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My mom said that the odds of her being able to take off of work today are very small, since she works in a doctors office and I guess today is a busy day for them. >_<

I'm going to try something like that. I'm just hoping that the people at the box office are feeling sympathetic towards me...Maybe I should work on crying on the spot or something.
Make sure you print out all the emails and have as much identification on you. Also, ensure that you can ring up your mother if they require her to verify it.
Honestly, your mom bought the WRONG type of tickets. People should be able to help you out though.Buying tickets isn't anything that it used to be, but there's still some honest people out there.

If you do end up seeing them, let me know how they are. I'm seeing them in July.
(with paper tickets )

One of the reasons I'm not going to the Vancouver show, 3 hour drive + no credit card + mom doesn't want to go.
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