So i wrote a song a long while back and finally got around to recording it at my college

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/shuggy/ -> Its the only track up atm ( Demo )

The first 35secs are some dodgy sounding MIDI acoustic guitar setting - haven't got around to redoing that, not sure if i want to record it on guitar or change it to a strings part (based on the same sorta thing).

The rest of the track is just 1 guitar and some MIDI drums.
Some parts of the drums might be changed/added to.

Was listening to Behemoth a lot at the time when i wrote it & the Demigod album was a big influence on how its turned out.

welcome to do some C4C
i like this. kinda dark sounding whitch i like. i say leave it as guitar for that first 35 seconds. it sounds okay now. it would sound great with some real acoustic. i like when the heavy stuff comes in. damn near blew my little laptop speaker lol. heres an idea. at 120 or so, what about going back to the acoustic? just an idea. i like the "yes" haha. cool tune man. just needs vocals now. good job.

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I can definitely see how Behemoth had an influence. Some very angry sounding riffing there. I like the tune very much. How did you record your guitar? While your playing sounds very tight, the tone as it is makes it feel slightly sloppy. I'd definitely recommend finishing this off with bass and some more realistic sounding drums.
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The guitar was recorded through a condenser and dynamic mic, Not the best tone but it was the best i can get with what my college has - i believe it was a Boss ME50 plugged into a Laney Head (not sure on the model). As for the drums, still got some work to do with them - probably cant do anything till september though :/.
The Acoustic sounds midi which doesent do justice. Drums sound fantastic! the distortion guitar btw does not. Maybe change the distortion presets. If you wanna try some professional sounds I would recommend GuitarRig 4. It's a really snazzy program that will definitely beef up the distortion guitar.


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The acoustic midi is written very well, redoing it should be a zinch and make it sound much better. Hella distortion on those guitars, could use some panning (dual tracking? quad if you can do it clean enough, I think quad might give you a HUGE sound with these riffs) the drums were done nicely. I love the "yes" that gets thrown in there. LOL, if you do redo this at all, LET ME DO THE YES! The riff at 1:55 is my favorite, its just so **** yeah. Heavy and still "badass" like. Anyway, great stuff. Production quality needs boosting but the riffs are there and thats what counts.

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