Hi, I was thinking aboot getting a Rhodes style guitar by Jackson, and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the pros and cons, which model they prefer, types of music it plays well and how the trem is?

Plus, I see them on Kijiji for between 200 and 600 dollars, is this the normal price or are they just cheap?
I own one, no serious cons from me, except be careful of the edges on the points as they damage easily.
Overall no cons with mine except it gets really annoying if you want to play sitting down but it is possible. It's been my favorite guitar ever since i got it a little over a year ago, even better than my Ibanez XPT700 at least to me but i love Jackson's to begin with.
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I've never owned a Rhoads, but I played a tour with one way back when and used it for about half the songs. IMO they're OK depending on which model you get (the RR1 being the top of the heap). But they don't really have any upsides compared to any other metal-type guitar from a practical point of view. The wings tend to get beat up. The guitar wants to fall over whenever you put it down. They're 22 fret. I'm honestly not sure why I would ever want one over a soloist.
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Not Rhodes!!!


And if you stand while playing I see no conceivable problems in an RR5.
(Even if you sit, I find the classical position to be really comfortable)
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Not Rhodes!!!

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The shape isnt a REAL V, as one wing is smaller then the other, so it would be a bit more comfortable to play, and the sound is pretty versatile (in metal, anyways) so you could easily get anywhere from early thrash to hair
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Had an RR3 for awhile, not a fan of V's and it didn't play very well, but it was second hand.

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The shape looks pretty nice (though the ESP Arrows are hands down the best)

The only con really is uncomfortability. Some people can't play on them, some play on them better than any other shape. Just takes getting used to, I guess.
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Try one before buying them. They're very comfortable for me, but either you love them or hate them. Personally, they appeal positively towards my likings, do they match to yours?
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I love them I had a jackson RR 24 for a while and I loved it.Im about to sell my 7 string to get another one lol.
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They're awesome! I have two, the JS30 RR, and the RR24M. They're really great guitar. People say they're uncomfortable but if you just sit down and play one for a little while you'll get used to it very quickly. Depending on your budget I'd look at ebay first. I got my RR24M off ebay for $700, and the guitar is originally $1100 I think.
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I have a RR24M and have zero complaints.

Easy to play sitting or standing. Great fret access.

And its a Jackson...need I say more?
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I have a RR5I have a RR5, they are more comfortable than you expect.

Pros: Great for higher fret acces and looks cool.
Cons: Beware of hitting the edges.