I read in some websites people saying that the neck on schecter c1 hellraiser is thick, therefore not suitable for shred, rather for rhythm playing. whats your opinion. If its not good enough for shred, I have to abandon the plan to buy this and get something else. I cannot try it at the store cause they dont have it. Thank you.
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It's just a matter of what you get used to and your mindset that will prevent you from shredding on any guitar, imo... Given it's not a shitty neck in general.
If they can't order it in, play some other guitars and find something you like.
Going out and trying it is all you can do. If it feels good in your hands, thats all that matters.

Personally, I didn't mind the neck on it. It's about the same thickness as that of my current guitar, just a little wider. I played fine on it.
It's all on your fingers really.

But, to answer your question, it's not really that thick. It's certainly thicker than a Wizard II but thinner than a Les Paul or Fender neck. Personally I found comfortable enough to play fast without getting cramps on your hands, as it would be the case on some thin necks.
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Schecter necks have a compound radius that’s really thick up near the headstock. I don’t really know too many people who are shredding below the fifth fret.
I don't shred, but I do own a Hellraiser and use it for different styles of music, and this thing suits it just fine. Also, I've seen vids on Youtube of people doing some sick shredding and dive bombs with their Hellraiser, so really you can't go wrong. In terms of neck thickness, I found that it's thinner than a Les Paul neck but thicker than the neck on my Strat.


....if that helps any
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That's entirely up to you. If your hands are suited for Schecter, then yes. If not, then no. No one guitar is hands down good for anything, it all depends on the person, and what guitars are compatible with that person.
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Yngwie plays on a strat, this thing has a thinner neck than a strat (idk if his too but i bet) so Neck thickness =/= shredability, just work on ur chops and modes then u can shred, neck profile is only suitable for hand comfort