So i want to replace my 5150 and jcm800 with a smaller cheaper lower wattage combo but still be able to do country to metal. I dont want a really cold sterile 5150 sound and i dont want to not be able to crank it in the studio.

Would this be suitable? I seem to prefer it to the 6202, its cheap etc, but would it do br00talz, and is there any gain or tone differences between the 2 amps?

..ooh and also would they be more reliable than the older models?
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The 6262 does broots very well.

I saw a demo of the v55 on YouTube, dude had a pretty heavy tone coming out of it
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I haven't played the 55 yet, but the V22 I would not use for metal.
Have you taken a look at the 6505 112?
'Cold and sterile 5150 sound'? Have you thought about modding your 5150?
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The V22 and V55 can do certain types of metal....if you have a few pedals to go along with it.

I run my V22 with a tube screamer and a 10 band eq, plus I plug it into a 4x12 cab. It can easily do what I would consider "normal" metal. It will not however get you uber brootal newer metal tones. It's a vintage amp so it is voiced that way. It reminds me of a JCm type sound with all the things I use with mine.
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'Cold and sterile 5150 sound'? Have you thought about modding your 5150?

Yes but there are no techs near me who will do it..and the cleans will still suck.