Hey guys
I just need to know which POD's are compatible with POD Farm, so i can use my tones for live use. And does it lose any tone using a POD over POD Farm + headphones?
Thanks all
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I think I understand your question, as for the first part about being compatible I'm not sure but to the second part....

If you get a sound you like with headphones its gonna sound different through a PA, guitar amp, etc. When you add other variable into the equation it affects the sound, the best way to make patches is to do it in the exact or atleast very similar situation. If I were you I'd scratch the whole Pod Farm idea buy a Pod X3 Live bring it to where you will be playing and tweak your patches there. Otherwise your gonna have a really had time getting good live tones, trust me I've been using modelers for years. I've tried doing it a lot of different ways and the only way I was ever happy with my sound was if I made my patches with the gear I was using live.
^what he said^.

I've been using an X3 Live fore some time now, and getting a good live sound takes time and tweaking, and the tweaking must be done at gigging volume. what sounds good at low volume with the pod doesnt always sound good loud. With my X3, i have certain tones/banks setup for live, and certain ones setup for recording.