I am working on a metal song for a concept album i am working on for fun.This is just the first part of the intro for the song and i am kinda stuck on were to go with it right now so any suggestions on that would be great and just general crit.I havent eqed anything yet and there is now bass yet(cant find a good bass vst).Song is in my profile under "new song"

i will C4C.
cool little riff deal man. its a nice start. upbeat and i like the whole grundgy type tone. i would just go into another section. use a major or miner chord that sounds good and just play the chord and let ring a little, or aynthing realy. then go back to that riff part. i wana hear this when its done. cool start.

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Hi, and thanks for your crit on my song.

Wow, this intro sounds really good, both guitar and drum are brutal, that's a very good beginning ! Maybe you could just work on the guitar tone, it could be more brutal I think.

I'll stay tuned for your song !
thanks for all the comments on the song,i really hope i dont let any of you down on the end result of it.I think i have figured out were i am going to go with it so i will record it sometime this weekend and post an update.
i like it. the guitar tone is really beefy, which is awesome, because a lot of the time when people write downtuned stuff it just sounds muddled and too bass-heavy which yours doesn't. it's very heavy, i look forward to hearing the full song.

what do you use for your drums? i'm trying to find some alternatives to the awful garageband soundfonts, haha.

check mine out if you aren't too busy ?
Thanks flame847.For the drums i am just midi programing them with guitar pro and then using drum kit from hell in flstudio.Incase anyone is interested i am using poulins legion amp sim for the guitar.
i added alittle to it.Its something that helps go in to the verse.the transition seems wierd though.of course it might just be bad editing on my parts.but let me know what you think of it,do you think it fits,do you have any ideas to make it better,or do you think i should just scrap cause it dont work?
i scraped the idea i had for now and i have been working on something else for after the intro bit.please tell me what you think of it and how i can make it better