i was wondering how good do you guys really think the bad monkey is? like comapraring to a ts9 (tube screamer) if the ts9 was a ten were would the bad monkey be?
Id have to say its up there like a 9 or 10 especially when you consider the price, you cant go wrong.
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The build quality is debatable but I haven't heard too much about bad monkeys falling apart, they aren't true bypass so they suck a little tone when they aren't on. Awesome sound and controls though, you get an extra bass control as well as tone gain and volume so that is a plus. I'd give them both a 10, the ibanez sounds a little better, the bad monkey is a better value with and extra knob so it evens out.
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I owned both pedals at one point.

I'd say the Monkey is a solid 8/10 sonically if the Tubescreamer is 10/10. The Ibanez has much better build quality, though.

Truthfully, I hated them both, but out of the two I definitely preferred the TS9.
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I have never tryed the Ts9 but I realy like my Bm! I only use it to boost my amp but I like the drive to when used on the clean ch.
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I´m using a BM to boost my Blackstar Ht-5. And its actually working very good. And the price is amazing. so i totally recomend it dude!

otherwise the Maxon OD808 overdrive is great for boosting and i like the drive too.
I really liked my BM quite a lot. Much better than the BBE Green Screamer I used along side it.
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It depends on what you're using it for.

If you're using it as a stand alone OD then the TS-9 is the better pedal, hands down.

However, if you're using it as a boost then the BM takes the winner's spot - it has a bit more gain on tap and allows a little more control over the pedal's tone.
Essentially, if you're playing modern metal get the Bad Monkey. If you're playing lighter rock, blues, indie, hard rock, etc. get the ts9.
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i would give it an 9 or 10 for normal use, only because the BM isn't true bypass, and the build quality is presumably lesser, although i have never heard of one falling apart.

for boosting an amp, (i.e. my valveking) i would give it a 12 or 13. i would rate it higher because of the pedal having bass and treble knobs, so that you don't lose all of your bass, and you still get just the perfect mid boost. much more tweakable.

so if you are doing both, go for the bad monkey.

if you are looking for some light dirty blues and a mild OD, i would go with either, only because Bad Monkey's are cheaper. but if money isn't much of an object, and you just want some dirty blues, get a ts9 or an 808. i like the 808's better than the ts9's.
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