I'm looking for a new bass amp and i recently went to a few guitar stores and have been recommended the Line 6 LowDown Studio 110 bass amp by to people from different stores. The thing is I've been told by many people that line 6 amps aren't that great. Is this one different or are line 6 amps really that bad?
I don't know about the bass amps, but the guitar amps are awful. Completely digital tone. If my assumption about bass that tone is the most important part holds up, I would avoid it just to be sure.
I do regret buying a Spider 3 and I don't know about the bass amps but I love my UX1 for recording.
actually, the lowdown series is pretty good. one of line 6s better products. and to the guy above, they dont make terrible amps in general. just the spider series is bad. the others are pretty good. not something i would ever get, but they're good.

anyway, back on topic! its probably one of the better amps out there for the price. sounds pretty good, and i hear the reliability is good with these as well. look at some other amps around this price range (i forget what else is about the same price) but i dont think you'd regret it.
Don't listen to sellers, they want to sell that crap to people who don't know what they are looking for. DO NOT BUY Line6 amps. I mean, IDK if all their amps are as bad as Spider III, but that amp definately turned me off Line6.

Hey, try before you buy. Although I wouldn't go for digital amps (or guitars) never again.

Even though I'm playing electric guitar, not bass. So I'm not sure if my opinion is all that relevant; although I doubt that the company would change their quality significantly going from guitar to bass.
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I've spent a fair amount of time with the lowdown amps in various music shops and I'd have to rate them as terrible, especially for the money.

Half the "amp" settings and effects are terrible to the point of useless, the other settings aren't good enough to make up for the price. All IMO of course.
I've found all of the amp settings pretty damn useful once you learn how to use them.

Then again, I've had mine for a while. The only issue I have with it is that it's a 15" rather than the 2x10" they later released.
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A lot of people will tell you Line 6 is terrible based solely on their experience with Spider series guitar amps. The Lowdown's are actually ok, IMO you could do better, but its not like you're buying a Behringer or anything.
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I've messed around with them in the store, and the sound isn't terrible. Certainly not as bad as the Spiders (had to suffer my brother's for a year until he "upgraded" to a Vox Valvetronix). Never cared for modeling amps, though. Half the reason I bought my SWR was there were only four knobs and a power switch.
I was the only bassist in my high school for 4 years; and they were nice enough to buy me a big amp for playing the school shows. They bought the Line 6 Lowdown 200W I believe; and within 3 hours of playing, it was dead. Just dead. They sent it back, got it repaired, and then after a few days, the same problem started. The only way I could ever get it to work was if someone hit it really hard on the top of it. 700$ badly spent if you ask me.
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i dont really know. like i use a line six 360spider guitar amp with my bass most of the time. i like how i can get alot of varried sounds out of it.if only it were louder... marshall makes very good bass amps. but if you like to have lots of different sounds, use a line 6 guitar amp. however for playing with a band (with a drummer) your gonna need some wattage. for that i use an acoustic 110.
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The bigger Lowdown amps can deliver a good tone. I don't know about the small practice versions. I have yet to see anyone play one of the rackmount Lowdown amps on stage, so I think that the stigma of the Spyder guitar amplifiers has carried over into the bass range. For the money there are better amplifiers out there. Try the Acoustic B100 or B200. I think you will like them better than the Line 6.
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line 6 lowdown series amps are great practice though I wouldn't Gig with one.
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marshall makes very good bass amps.
Come again?

On topic: As far as I know Line 6 bass amps aren't nearly as bad as they Spider series. I still think they sound too digital for my taste though. They aren't bad, but you can do better.

FatalGear mentioned Acoustic amps, I suggest you check out some of those. Awesome amps for their price.
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