Could I replace a Floyd Rose Original bridge with a Floyd Rose Licensed bridge?
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hell no!

Must I ask why you want to do this? That is almost like trading in your Gibby Les Paul Custom for an epiphone Les Paul special!
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Umm... WHY!??!
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you could. but why you'd want to is a bit beyond me.

thats a bit like doing this ->
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I don't know why you would. Anyways, to answer your question, some licensed ones will fit, and others won't. They are all different.

That being said, the OFR is superior to almost every licensed floyd, with the exception of some high end Ibanez ones.

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You can, but it would be bordering on the developmentally challenged end of the IQ scale.
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sounds like his broke and hes getting a cheap replacement? thats the only explanation i can think of lol
Depends on the bridge itself. A lot of licensed Floyds use different routes, so they wont fit in an OFR route, or there will be a big gap around the outside.
The only LFRs that would be worth swapping would be a Schaller, Gotoh, Ibanez Edge, LoPro or Edge Pro, and I dont think any of them fit in an OFR route. The Gotoh might, but I'm pretty sure the others wont.
EDIT: Ok, apparently the Edge and LoPro DO fit in the OFR route, which means the Edge Pro should too.
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I recently bought a B Stock Epiphone Prophecy FX2 and it's got a Floyd on it...it was worth almost more than the price of the Bstock guitar. Guitar just had some sharp frets, but should I ever decide to sell it I could even strip out the original floyd and sell that for almost $200 :P (I paid $300 for the guitar, normally they are about $429 CDN)
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