My friend has a couple of Guitar/drum demos on his band's MySpace and he's looking to get some comments about them.

Unfortunatly theres no vocals or Bass yet because they don't have a singer or bassist.

I thought it was really good. The guitar tone was crap though(too much distortion), or maybe that's just my opinion..
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yeah like the guy above said, you should get a better tone for your guitar, too much clipping and distortion, try getting an amp simulator (like Revalver) that comes with some nice presets so you can get a good tone quickly.

Ok, I listened to Bringer Of Your End...first riff is very Machine Head-like, that's good, but you shouldn't repeat that much times, it's pretty simple, or try adding more quickly a rhythm guitar...the next section was really nice, as well as the clean guitar and those harmonics...

I can already imagine the guy from Machine Head singing over that

One thing I don't like in trash metal is that sometimes the songs are too slow, but that's just me, I'm sure tons of people love that style.
If the drums are real, kudos to the drummer for that double bass at the end

c4c?, technical deathcore
Hey Dudes,

Thanks for the comments on my work xD the comments/ suggestions have been rather helpful!

I know the tone sucked somewhat =p As I went direct into my tascam 2488 MKII using my pedalboard for the effects n whatnot.

I then found out my amp has an Emulated DI Out in the back of the head so theorectically i can record through that

Unfortunately, the drums were written on Guitar pro then transfered into DFH (using FL) but the drummer in my band can actually play the song/style.
However, I have since got a copy of SD with TMF and intend on re-recording the demo's with some bass in there as well. hopefully one day i may actually have some more mics to record my DDrum Defiant Kit here in my room so who knows =p

Thanks again for the comments dude - just in the process of checking out your material now xD