So I've been working for well over a year now, made myself quite a bit of money, and I'm willing to spend about $2,000 to get a new guitar..

As you can see from my signature, Ibanez RG370DX running through effects into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I absolutely love the feel of the Wizard-II neck.

I was considering the John Petrucci Signature 6-string, for around $2000 on Musicians' Friend..


Used for playing progressive metal, other types of metal, Rush. Also, hitting warm tones, for example in this video (which is my summer learning project):


Any comments or suggestions?
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google SGR guitar its the sort of guitar that if Ibanez made it would probably cost 2000 because they like a big healthy profit
For $2000 I'd get a luthier to custom build you a guitar, there are many great ones on this site! That way you'll get everything you can reasonably want from it. If you'd rather get it through a company there a several that do custom work such as Carvin.

id go with a phil colleen sig.
they were about 2300 last time i checked.
its a beautiful guitar.
If you like the feel of the Ibanez neck then maybe an Ibanez Prestige model would suit you.
Well, the musicians are awesome guitars from what I've heard. I don't think you could go wrong with that, but definitely try it before you buy it, in case you wouldn't like the neck or something like that.

At $2,000 dollars, you could afford one of the nicer Ibanezs available.
If you love your Wizard II, do not get something different. That, imo, would be a complete and unsatisfactory waste of money.

If you have that much, try out Ibanez Prestige models, and see if you like the necks. If you do, then that's awesome. An Ibanez Prestige would be a very good way to spend that much money.

If you don't like the Prestige necks, there are high end RG's. Ones that cost $700-$1000 dollars, and are really nice. I wouldn't mind getting a neck through RG, since there are no neck through Prestiges (grr wtf) If you have $1000+ left over, you could always put it toward another amp, or effects, or whatever, just nice stuff, and upgrade your entire rig. 2 grand is a lot of money to play with.
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Well, I'm planning on taking a trip down to Toronto to check out some guitar stores that might have the Petrucci Signature, I'll be calling ahead.

Would a Petrucci Signature work with my Rig? I've heard absolutely amazing reviews about the tone and feel of it, that's why it's peaked my interest.

Any other suggestions?
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I'd get a new amp first.
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