Ok, so I've got my 6505 112, and after some earlier problems have it sorted to where I love it. It's my brutalz, metal, hard rock powerhouse.

But...I need something that can handle the other things. I want beautiful cleans, snappy blues, crunchy rock tones, and good tube warmth. My price range is under 700 hopefully, but I can swing it a little for an amazing amp. Pref combo. Must be tube.

Music examples are Zeppelin, AC/DC, SRV...all the way to rockabilly and country. I play a lot of stuff.

I've looked at the Blues Jr., AC15 custom, V22, and a few others but maybe there are others out there I'm missing. And hopefully you guys can give some real-life testimony. Thanks.

Oh, and I do gig. So it's got to be loud enough to mute my awful drummer
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AcousticMirror has a Fuchs Lucky 7 for sale. Not sure how much clean headroom it has, but its medium gain sound is excellent.
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ya could probably find a used Supersonic 112 in that price range...i just bought a new Supersonic 112 a week ago, and once its properly biased(they come from the factory under biased and cold) and retubed they are great at the classic rock tones, blues, chicken pickin, nice cleans, and some modern stuff aswell.
I'm interested in the Supersonic. I had forgotten about that one. Problem is, for the price I could almost buy a Twin Reverb, which I know to be one badass amp. Throw a tubescreamer in front of it and it's amazing (my favorite guitarist uses this very setup).

And I don't really need the high-gain of the supersonic, so if the rest of the tone is compromised in favor of versatility, it's a deal breaker. But the videos I've seen of it seem good. If the cleans/mid-gain of it is on par with the price range, I may consider it.
i got the supersonic for mostly clean classic rock with bluesy crunch and it does that well. i just got it biased today and it sounds alot better. i keep the gain 1 at 2 around center which is a dirty clean which is tubescreamerish, light picking cleans up nice, i did dime the gain 1 and 2 a bit and it gets a marshally tone, but the clean channels even though only feature a treble and bass side they have a decent amount of midrange...bassman side is useless unless turned up unless you use an EQ pedal.

the factory set bias was at 25! which to me is on the cold side, had it moved to 35ma and its alot better.

as far as a twin, you cant go wrong there, twin does well with pedals, i used to run a jekyll and hyde2 into a twin lol.

either the Supersonic 60watts or the twin 85watts will stick that drummer in his place!!!
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Thanks, Walt.

Yeah, the drummer is actually a 'her' she's not bad, but you know how it goes.

I'm seriously debating the Supersonic between the Peavey Delta Blues now. I know the Peavey is like half the price, but I don't know if the cleans can match up. I'll do a bit more research at the GC. I'll be going tomorrow, and hopefully they'll have a supersonic to test drive.