i just got new rockfield mafia pickups and i decided to install them myself. i got em in but everything is backwards! i need some sort of diagram to help me wire this thing for 2 humbuckers, 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 5 way switch but i want to use the 5 way as a 3 way switch and i dont have money to buy a real 3 way. and iv checked out all of the diagrams you can imagine including google and guitar electronics. can anyone help???
Can't you just solder some of the positions of the switch together? So that 2 of 5 options are the same?
A 3-way and 5-way switch are electrically identical. The only difference is mechanical in that the 5-way switch has two more stops in its travel. So, no, you can't make it a 3-way switch because it's built to stop in five places. Electrically, it serves the same function but mechanically it allows you to combine positions in parallel more easily if you wire three pickups to it, as with standard strat wiring. With only two pickups positions 2-4 will all be the same as position 2 of a 3-way.

If the pickups are wired backwards just swap the wires on the switch.
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