Ok first off
I have zero buzz with a setup of
amp<-any pedal<- guitar
but I hav multiple pedals! With that set up no channel on my peavey xxl have buzz
te second i plug in another one tho, I get massive buzz on all channels besides clean
if I add more, distorded channels have the same level of massive buzz andthe clean slowly but surely gets some hum
the only exception is if I have an eq and my true bypass distortion the buzz is remotely bearable
I have a equalizer, 3 distortions, and a multi effects pedal
how can I eliminate the excess noise?
I like having my eq and multi effects in my fx loop tho, but that causes noise

with the eq in the fx loop it shapes my lead and solo channels better
if the buzz is fixed so I could use all my channels effectively, I only need one distorion pedal

please help!!!
Try less distortion pedals at one, but also swap the orders of them round in the loop. Might help, i dont know
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