I am currently running a Peavey JSX through a 1960A, but am looking to move to a jcm800. My question to the endless wealth of knowledge that is the GG&A forums is:
Will I be able to get a tone that

- Is very "airy", as opposed to my current compressed tone
- Has chunk and punch
- Is more organic than my current digital tone

My only other concern is the amount of gain it can achieve without a boost. The max gain I ever use is in the realm of Van Halen or Megadeth and I have my doubts I will get that much out of it.

If anyone has experience with this amp I would appreciate it, thanks!
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Peavey JSX
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It has 1 channel. =]
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Gibson SG Standard
Ibanez S2170FB
Peavey JSX
Marshall 1960A
Yea, the JSX is a bit compressed but its far from "digital" sounding.

The KK version has a bit more oomph to it but don't expect huge amounts of gain unless you're gonna boost the thing.
I wouldn't say its necessarily all that airy. Marshalls compress a fair bit when you start turning them up but its a nice, musical compression that leads to great touch sensitivity with their amps.

Gain should be fine. Not a ton of gain at bedroom levels but will have more than enough gain when you open up the master volume. If that's not an option then kick it up in front with a clean boost.