I hope you dont mind me asking, but i couldnt think of any other section.

I'd like to ask how i would go about teaching myself guitar, i've had lessons throughout the years, although they stopped for a good few years for reasons i wont go into, and they've just stopped again for a similar reason.

Now if i want a teacher thats any good round here its £25 an hour, which works out at £100 a month if i was to have a weekly lesson. So i'd like to teach myself.

Reason im asking here is because i really dont know where to start and how to stage myself.

I'm also taking inspiration from all my guitar heros such as jimmy page and tony iommi as well as hendrix etc, all where the top of their game and all tought themselves (i beleive).

I know someone will come along and say "they'd have loved lessons if they had the chance" but i've decided i'd like to give this a go.

So, those who've taught themselves, how should i go about it?
play guitar?
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they have some good DVD's out there from alot of big name artists, possibly finding one of those you like would help out. Also just learning songs is a good way to build up your technique and style, plus its alot of fun to play songs u though were impossible a few days, months, weeks ago. And im pretty sure there are alot of books out on musical theory if you are interested in that area of teaching.
Google search guitar scales, (Insert preferred style name) guitar licks, play CONSTANTLY, watch alot of guitar videos, and play for a LONG time.
Thats what I did (Well, I started at 7, so I didnt start that til I was like 10) and I learned theory, trust me LEARN IT, its a bitch but its important to know.
Then it all comes down to practice.
The most important thing in my experience that noone has mentioned yet was just to learn to relax while playing, and learning not to tense up any part of your body while playing. And also playing slow and building up speed, and playing correctly so as to not injure yourself or hinder your future progress. I found this video really helpful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d_p1KOq3LY&feature=player_embedded
(Dont take that as me saying you suck at guitar btw )
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They way I started out was by watching some videos on youtube explaining the basics, chords, scales, ect. I then just started looking up guitar tabs for songs I thought sounded easy and learned parts of those songs.

It depends on the style you want to play. If you want to shred, practice practice. But if your more into rock I would just say do what I said above. I'm an average player.
Well Tony Iommi was inspired by Evil itself. Perhaps thats a good place to start? But there are lessons on this site. Scales are good, listen to music and try to incorporate some influence from bands you enjoy into your own music.
just make sure you cover all aspects of playing the guitar, not just learning technique and playing other peoples songs.

Also you got to be pretty disciplined to be a self taught guitarist. I tried for a about a year, but eventually hit a wall when I wasn't sure what I should be practicing and how much I should try to learn in a given time period. At times I felt I was overloading myself with too much info, and other times I felt like I wasn't pushing myself hard enough. Also I spent way to much time learning songs, and hardly did any theory or improv work. Eventually I got frustrated and stopped playing for a few months.

But now I'm taking online lessons 2 times a month. for me, lessons are the only way I can stay committed to actually learning and progressing on the guitar. Without some sort of lesson plan, I end up just noodling around instead of actually practicing. But theres a lot of great guitarists who never took a single lesson, so don't let that discourage you...
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Check out the lessons on this site. Learn some chords and the pentatonic scale. What might help is just have 2 or 3 lessons, and then going solo after that. A good teacher could get you off on the right track.
I taught myself for the most part. I tried a couple lessons last year, but they weren't my thing. They were expensive as ****, I the teacher wasn't really teaching (he was just showing me how to play songs I liked. It was cool, but I don't wanna pay money for something I could do myself), and he was a dickhead. He wasn't a hard ass teacher. He was just a rude prick. Not exactly a great method of teaching.
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I'm a beginner and also trying to teach myself. the advice given to me was to make it fun, as said above play songs that you like. this site has plenty of info to get you started. you may also want to check out justinguitar.com

have fun.
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Well Tony Iommi was inspired by Evil itself. Perhaps thats a good place to start? But there are lessons on this site. Scales are good, listen to music and try to incorporate some influence from bands you enjoy into your own music.

Hahaha! so all i need to do is paint my room in matt black, insert some crucifixes, read a book about witchcraft, see a dark shape at the end of my bed and have 2 of my fingers chopped off by a steel cutting machine, then im set, right?

I must say thanks to all those who have posted useful replies, much appreciated.

My teacher obviously improved me somewhat because i've learned loads of songs lately with no difficulty (notable one being over the hills and far away by zeppelin, which you may not think is hard at all but hammer ons/pull offs where what i was pleased to master)

I'll probably have to take up lessons again if i get nowhere, but its worth a stab.

Seems youtube videos could help, i'll give those a whirl.
Back in the mid-seventies, when I started playing, there wasn't nearly the amount of instructional material available as there is now. No DVDs, no videos, no internet, etc.

If one couldn't afford lessons the normal method of learning was:

1. Hang around guys who played and steal licks and advice.
2. Have these same guys show you a thing or two between sets.
3. Read books. There were and are tons of fine instructional books available.
4. Watch major players on TV or in concert to see what they're doing.
5. Subscribe to Guitar Player magazine....

I did all of these things. I was primarily interested in "roots" music", folk, bluegrass, blues...Between all of the above I found myself becoming more proficient than many of my playing friends who I thought were so great. A lot of them were very limited in their technique; they had simply learned enough to get on stage and sing songs.

I strongly suggest reading everything you can get your hands on; I found subscribing to Guitar Player for 10 years to be enormously instructive. You get lessons with every issue.
just stroll through youtube and learn whatever takes your fancy. If you develop you theory and ear a fair bit you can analyse your favourite players and their licks and any other players from youtube or where ever and incorporate some parts of their playing.
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i taught myself in the beginning stages learning the basic guitar chords etc then got stuck, i couldnt afford lessons so got a few tips off my mates

I ended up buying a course for online guitar lessons , it cost me the same as one traditional lesson and got a full course, i loved it, it had backing tracks, drum machines, structured learning videos, chord books and the ful sha-bang! the one i used is called jamorama but there are a few good courses that have been released since i got mine, my mate is using one called "guitar superstars" he reckons its like learning guitar while playing guitar hero. May be worth a look
Well if you've been playing and had lessons for "years," don't you have a good idea of what you need to work on on what direction you need to head in? If I say... learn your scales.... is that gonna help?

I'm self taught, and unfortunately I dont even have any musically inclined friends. Any time I go to a guitar shop I'm too nervous to strike up a convo with anyone in there, so I'm pretty much ****ed. Haha... I wish I could find some like minded individuals to jam with, but I just have no idea how to find them without looking like a desperate old maid who hasn't gotten any since the 70s.

I just make mental notes to look up the tabs for a song I hear and then try to learn it. When I come across certain techniques in the song that I clearly suck at, that's when I start to bunker down and practice it... and search for youtube lessons on the subject.

I'm seriously lacking in the musical theory department, so I'm starting to put together a binder on articles and lessons I come across... including scales and chords and what have you.