I was just thinking of buying an Ibanez RG350m because I really like thin necks and bodies, however I do not like the pickups and I will probably upgrade the trem.

I was just wondering; is this worth it or should I just get a guitar that already comes with the pickups and trem that I want?

I was going to upgrade the pickups to Dimarzio's (activators and Air Nortons) and get a edge pro to replace the edge 3.

Also; the edge pro slips right in to and edge 3 slot:

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Ive considered modding my RG350 many times, but to be honest its just fine how it is. The stock pickups are decent, the Edge III (after much fine tuning) functions perfectly, so the hassle and money involved in replacing them just isnt worth it.

If youre after that specific sound, and want a guitar with Dimarzio's and an Edge Pro, check out the Ibanez XPT700XH
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