I've been offered a broken crybaby wah for £20 which I might buy simply for the enclosure, strip it bare and make something with it.

I was thinking along these lines:

Volume pedal
Octave Shifter

Any other cool ideas would be greatly appreciated.

So yeah, I'm a complete noob at electronics and I wouldn't know how to go about making something like this.

Many thanks,

volume pedal would be the best bet for a noob. i doubt anyone on this board has the ability to make an octave shifter as that deals with dsp stuff. digital isnt for the everyday builder

you could put a feedback loop in the enclosure, having the intensity of the loop be the controll on the shell.

you could buy a cheap delay pedal (danelectro) and mod it so one of the pots on the delay is controlled by the wah's sweep?
A volume pedal might be your best bet. Geofex, AMZ, diyguitarist, all offer good stuff. If however you know what's wrong with the wah you can quickly implement it to be a volume pedal. Check out the ultimate pedal building thread for more ideas as well.
Thanks for the quick responses.

I want to make it into something I'd actually use, going to get rid of my Boss ME50 soon and get single effects pedals and I think having a volume pedal would be cool.

I liked the idea of a feedback pedal - I actually don't have one on my boss me50 (just have to put full drive on OD channel and press OD pedal - not practical really). How would I go about this?

I forgot to mention I am in UK - any links to stuff I can buy to fit inside etc would be appreciated.
i kinda feel like the best thing to do would be find a simple schematic that you like, and build it into the enclosure. use the wah pot as one of the controls. something like a phase 90 with the knob being controlled by the foot pedal would be badass.

or maybe a nice fuzz. a good fuzz that is pretty sensitive can sound almost like an overdrive with the knobs dialed back. something like that with the fuzz control being able to be foot controlled would be fun. same kind of thing with an overdrive pedal. or even just a booster pedal (not just volume, but boost).
yeah fuzz would be really cool as well. I don't really need OD because I like the drive on my amp. what would a booster pedal do to my tone?
boost pedal is like a volume pedal, but it adds volume instead of just taking it away.

overdrive can be set to do the same sort of thing, except it adds some of its own character.

something like the lpb is a simple boost pedal.
I had an idea once to connect two wah shells side by side and connect each pot to a respective High Range and Low Range pot on a Micro POG. In the end though, its basically a whammy pedal so I abandoned the idea and started focusing on making them control two pots of a Carbon Copy Delay. Its feasible, but requires decent knowledge of which wire goes where and how pots work. I say go for it, but make sure you do a little reading before hacking up a pedal.
Two wahs you say? http://www.geofex.com/article_folders/wahpedl/voicewah.htm

Modding a working pedal should be easy, remove the pot, and place the three wires in the same order, which outer lug does the pot wiper move towards in a counterclockwise direction, which one does it move towards when moving in a clockwise direction. The center is always the wiper.
Quote by jof1029
boost pedal is like a volume pedal, but it adds volume instead of just taking it away.

overdrive can be set to do the same sort of thing, except it adds some of its own character.

something like the lpb is a simple boost pedal.

I might have a go at this, it would come in handy. Now I just need to find out what all them letters and numbers mean haha. I'm sure my dad could teach me.

They have some awesome ideas and I've learnt so much from reading the whole website over and over again :P they have links to loads of stuff and schematics

Regarding your specific issue

I think it's a great idea, you need to make sure you can get a pot of the correct value to correspond with the schematic you're working with inside the Crybaby treadle

Lots of the ideas are good, I'd say find the control on a pedal that makes the most tonal difference and use that with the Crybaby as a control instead. You'll have to find an effect you like and work with that, but I would think that using a good chorus pedal and having the crybaby controlling the rate would be really cool! so in the heel back position you have a slow deep chorus and toe down you have a crazy funky mess

Another idea I thought of would be to use a stereo jack (maybe a smaller on if a 1/4" is too big for the pedal) and a TRS lead to connect the "Modded Pedal" to the "Crybaby control" and a switch to choose between sending the signal to the pot on the pedal, or to the crybaby. Maybe even using the switch on the crybaby to do that? These are all ideas you'll have to work with, but that's what I'd do personally

So long as you know how basic electronics works, and you can follow a schematic you'll be fine! I moved on from guitar electronics and onto pedals, pedal modding and building in about a year, no doubt someone could learn faster. So don't start with boring stuff just because you're a "noob" go for something harder than you think you can do, not ridiculously hard but you know what i mean, and rise to the challenge! don't limit yourself, be creative