Do they have an ac adapter in which every effect could utilize?

Are they suitable for Multi Effects units?

Can you recommend any that fulfil my needs as listed above?

They are called "Daisy Chains" I believe. If not, then check out your local Radioshack for this kinda thing
some of them have onboard power, you should always use the psu that comes with you multi fx. use a dc brick or similar for your stomp boxes or the onboard power with some pedalboards.

theres no reason why you can`t use multi fx and stomp boxes together, but turn off any duplicated fx on the multi (e.g don`t run distortion on your multi fx at the same time s a distortion stombox - it`ll sound like crap)

use google shopping to help you research what boards are available, search criterea should simply be "pedal boards"

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there is a daisy chain which is powered off a power supply, one problem with this is the closer to the end off the chain the less power there is, you could also look at a dc brick this is a better option and sounds almost exactly what you want