I need some help getting motivated to play guitar again. I started playing about 2.5 years ago. For the last 12 months or so, I've been playing 1 hour every 4 weeks. This is opposed to 1 hour every 2 days before that time. Part of the reason I played consistently before was because I had an instructor for most of that time, but I can't fit that in my schedule any more.

How have you gotten yourselves or your friends interested after they stopped playing for some time?

I think that doing a guitar/equipment upgrade or some sort of modding project may help me get interested. Though I don't like the principle of purchasing material things to get myself to like something, I do remember enjoying guitar when I played more often and getting back to that state at the cost of some money spent is probably worthwhile.
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sometimes when i feel like giving up (every once in a little while) i just pop some john mayer onto the CD player and want to be as good as him, so i then grab my guitar, and either sit in my room for hours upon end creating new riffs, melodies and breakdowns and the such, never really lyrics to go with them because as soon as i think of lyrics and start singing my strumming patterns or fingerpick patterns go and i lose it all so just imagine them in my head as i'm jamming with myself then after a couple of hours if i'm satisfied with what i've done as i write chord patterns and stuff down as i go along so i can come back to them later if desired. then put the guitar down, turn the amp off, put pedals away, and smile knowing i'm not as bad as i think and i'm better than some.

it helps if you have an idol to want to be too. as i said mines john mayer. who actually said "for eight years i played guitar alone in a room, i used to pretend i was up on stage singing to thousands of people, now when i'm up on stage i pretend i'm in my room" (or something very close to that)
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Is there a song/solo/thing you really like and can't play?
5-Be able to play said song/solo/thing
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weird i have the same story.Been playing for 2-3 years. i enjoy playing guitar but after i stopped taking lessons in January i noticed i don't play as much now. I even got guitar mods planned in the future haha....sorry i cant really help you out lol
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I usually go out and buy a CD (yes, I still buy physical CDs). If I like the CD a lot then I'll have a desire to pick up my guitar and try to make similar music. So all in all, find a couple of bands that you like A LOT and go buy their CD and listen closely to EVERYTHING.
Expose yourself to new music is the best advice you'll ever receive on this subject.

Buying yourself a new toy such as a guitar, amp, or pedal can't hurt either.


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Learn new scales
Learn how to use said scales
Write songs with new scales
Buy a Diezel VH4S stack
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Learn a new genre of music. I was feeling kind of uninspired a while ago, but then I started learning classical guitar and now I have been practicing for more hours every day than I ever have before.
I would say play in a different tuning, learn a different genre or something... but if you've been playing one hour every four weeks for a year, then you probably need to relearn the basics.