Original ad says this:

"This 60s guitar is in remarkable condition. Probably Kawai, but Teisco used identical bodies and parts. Original except for vol/tone knobs and missing scratchplate, this guitar is very playable and loads of fun. Amazing period tone and vibe, outrageous colour! Trem works nicely, bright jangly sound. Short scale neck."

I asked him a bit more about it and he said:

"The guitar has no ID at all. Headstock is a fender type - no logo, or sign of one. Neck is multi-laminate. Nothing in the f-holes at all. Detective work says it comes from the Kawai factory, where lots of early Antorias, Columbus, Jedson etc were built. And Teiscos. But it ain't a Teisco."


whatever it is, it's f'kin gorgeous!
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It looks a bit like a Teisco EP series, maybe an EP-8, but they have a different headstock and a slightly different body shape.

It also looks a lot like Seasick Steve's guitar, but nobody knows what that is, either.
if i saw it in a shop, without trying it and seeing what the action is like etc etc. i'd probably offer between £80 & £150 (depending on my generosity that day) on the count of no name (if the shop in question was a generic second hand shop) and them shops generally know sweet f*ck all about guitars. if it was in a second hand gutiar shop i'd probably knock 10-20% off the price advertised as an offer but that depends 1 on price and 2 my mood xD
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
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I can probably get it for around £125. Shall I go for it?


It's the cleanest vintage guitar I've ever seen. Even if it's not that collectible, it's unique. It's a rare opportunity.
WOW Looks like something Billy Gibbons would play, for that reason alone I'd buy it Pretty unique.
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£125 is a YES!
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
Alright. When I get it I'll post you all pics so you can see

Thanks for the support - I needed someone to tell me it was alright to spend more money.
Indeed it does - great find sir. I'd like to know why it doesn't say Kawai on the headstock though. :S

My dad's argument was if it's an unbranded guitar - why bother with it? But it looks orgasmic. Shall I do it??
That's what the buyer named the pictures - he said it's probably a Kawai. I'm guessing it is now that cranium has shown me that link. Weird that it doesn't have a serial number or anything on the head stock though.

edit: the guitar cranium posted is single cutaway, the one I'm looking at is double cutaway. does look similar though.
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