So, i have amarshall mg30 amp. Its not very good, as my gibson les paul studio doesnt even sound that great with it. So i want a new amp, and think i may get this one:

would that be a step up from the mg30 or would there not be much difference? i cant play it because no stores around here have it, the only orange at the local store is like 2000 dollars.
never played a crush, but i also haven't heard any real good things either
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No, the new Crushes are meant to be much better than MGs. Just because they're cheap and SS doesn't mean they're bad.

However if you're upgrading you can likely do much better.
Get a low wattage tube amp like the fender Champ 600 or the vox AC4TV.
You will get great tones from your guitars for a cheap price.
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I don't know if he'll really appreciate those amps that much, they're unlikely to give him the tones he wants.

A Blackstar HT-5 would be a better choice if anything.