So a while back I got bored with my crap-o-caster and starting giving it a few body mods. This was my first time working with a dremel and painting etc. so I was quite satisfied with how it turned out. But lately it's just been sitting in my room without use and seeing as I've got my summer break I've got a load of spare time, I'm thinking about re-modding it.
I'm thinking about expanding on the tribal-ish design I've got going, like all around the front. Also I wanna re-paint, cause there's a buttload of green overspray from where I got lazy with the tape.
Now I'm open for any input, just throw out your ideas. I'll probably get started on the sanding tomorrow.
Also I'm gonna mod the wiring from vol-tone-tone to vol-vol-vol. I've got a schematic for this and I was wondering if all I have to do is resolder, or do i need to change something physically with the pots?

Looking forward to your ideas,


p.s. I have no idea if the pics are gonna work, if not let me know.
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no need to change the pots, but they're cheap so why not? Generally vols use audio taper and tones use linear but there is no set rule, either will work