i keep writing, and it's mostly rubbish. i have a lot on my mind, and i don't know how to stop.

i know you think that you can peel away my soul
and see what is underneath
i'm damaged goods that no one wants to carry around
only you, only you do because you've realised
that your boyfriend isn't intriguing anymore
once you've shared a bed too long he becomes as boring
as everybody else.
tell me that i am arrogant and you don't care about me
when you tell me you love me like a friend you do
only love me like you said, i'm f***ed up and your boyfriend is perfect
i hate girls like you, and i do only love you as a friend
because i can see through you, your blood and veins
you make my neck red hot, i can see right through you.
is this, potentially, about being friends with an ex who you know is a b---h and you secretly hate?
I like this. It's concise and raw. I can feel the focus dwindling in the last six lines though