Hey everybody, Ive got a few guitars already and I wanted something different.
I was thinking something like a Floyd Rose guitar. I want it to be under 1000$, and I want it to be FR, Not some knock off. Any suggestions?
I'd also like it to have a single coil, or some really nice humbuckers.
the schecter damien elite fr does not have an original floyd rose...
you can also take a look at a LTD MH-1000
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If you're hell-bent on having an OFR, my advice would be to grab something in the upper-midrange (LTD Deluxe, some of the better Schecters, etc) and buy an OFR unit separately and swap the guitars' FR-1000 and Special units for the Original. Otherwise, it'll be very hard to find a guitar under a grand that comes with an actual OFR as a stock piece of hardware.

That said, look at the Gotoh Floyd units, better than OFRs and cheaper.
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ESP LTD Deluxe guitars are amazing, I own two of them and I love them to death. They all have either EMG Pickups, or Seymour Duncans; Both of which are amazing Brands. The Floyd Rose Trems hardly ever go out of tune, but it is kind of a pain re-tuning the guitar, just to warn you if you do decide to get a FR-equipped guitar.
ESP LTD Deluxe MH-1000FR - http://www.guitarcenter.com/ESP-LTD-MH-1000-FR-With-EMG-Pickups-758222-i1175986.gc
ESP LTD Deluxe H-1001QM - http://www.guitarcenter.com/ESP-LTD-Deluxe-H-1001QM-Floyd-Rose-Electric-Guitar-584485-i1503612.gc
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