I didn't see a thread like this already, so...
Could y'all just post some generally pretty songs? They can be instrumental or have some lyrics about love or anything related to love. I don't know enough pretty acoustic songs, and i need to learn some to play for a girl. Thanks peoples! =)
Two words: Randy Rhoads (Or Rambo Rhoads, to be precise :P) Play Dee from Blizzard of Oz and you'll have to be fighting back the women!

Try this, this guys amazing (And Canadian!)

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Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band
Constellations - Jack Johnson

Two wonderful acoustic songs. Crash Into Me is the song that most people like when they think of DMB. And while Constellations isn't the most commonly heard Jack Johnson song, it is certainly a very beautiful piece. And since both of them are driven by an acoustic guitar, its easily to play them solo.
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@ the hammer; that video was pretty good, even though the dude was Canadian. (USA, all the way baby!)
The Cure - A forest (there is also a Carpathian Forest cover, if you have a girl that enjoys some darkness)
Bathory - Woman of dark desires
Robert Palmer - You blow me away

there are lots of preety songs, these fell to mind at first.

Edit: sorry , I just realised my fail since it`s an acoustic & classical guitar thread...
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"All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun" by Jeff Buckley is an incredibly beautiful song, but unfortunately the only recordings you'll be able to find of it are a rough live version and a mix version that just sounds plain annoying because it's not just Jeff singing it. So if you want to play it you'll have to just get a feel for the melody and write your own arrangement.
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Better Together- Jack Johnson
No Other Way

Dare You To Move (acoustic version)- Switchfoot
Your Love Is A Song

Just go listen to some Jack Johnson. There's sure to be something that'll tickle your fancy, and they're very simple. Switchfoot is being mentioned for the great lyrics (oh, and Dare You To Move was on a Nicholas Sparks movie)
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