Ok... I'm not sure if I'm being stupid or something, but when I play my electric guitar, uhh how do I explain this, ok so I get this weird buzzing/feedback? ish sound when I play certain combination of string.... (e.g. 16th fret G string and 17th fret B string or 12 fret B string and 14th fret G string, etc. etc.) Anyways the sound is just... horrible and I'm not sure how to fix this, I'm probably sure its not the amp because I switched before, so I'm guessing its either the cable or something wrong with my electric guitar or... I'm ignorant in my musical knowledge. Anyone know what the problem is here.?
Dissonance. When two or more notes just don't sound good together and they clash. Which creats that awful sound.


Intonation. "16th fret G string and 17th fret B string" These notes sound good together but if your intonation is off they will slightly clash.
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Heres a youtube page of results for you, for ease of the process I suggest finding a video of a guitar with the same type of bridge/tremolo as yours.