Hi all. I'm not looking to sell this guitar on the forums, I am just looking to see how much it is worth.

It is a 2003 fender stratocaster. Made in mexico. used (has some minor scratches) the color is a dark red wine, idk what it is exactly called.

I dunno, maybe $300-400 US
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ok thanks all, do u think i could sell it for 350 if i included a peavey blazer 158, tuner, and metronome, or do u think i should ask for more?
always try for more, you can always negotiate the price down, but no potential buyer will ever negotiate the price above what you initially ask
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I'd say 300-400 like above, and the "pack" included with metronome,tuner,etc would go for 400$ I guess!

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it really depends on how patient/desperate you are in your sale. i think that $300 USD is pretty fair for the guitar (dont go too high as people tend to gloss over your add when its a little high) as it is a fairly common guitar and its not in crazy high demand. if you we're to make the package $350-$400 (its not a great amp), you'd be able to sell it fairly quickly and painlessly. ideally, you get multiple people offering to buy and you get to run up the price a little bit (did that with a randall combo of all things), but thats ideal

ultimately $350-$400 for the lot will get it off your hands quickly and painlessly
$200. $250 at the most. I bought a brand new MIM for $300. You can find used USA Strats for $500 if you look hard enough. The economy is crap. MIM's are a dime a dozen. Craiglist is full of them for cheap.
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ok well thank you all for the help. I am in no rush so i know what to do now...time to go fishing

Thanks again. This is my first time on the forums and i'm not disappointed by the community
You may be able to squeeze a bit more out of it than usual due to the fact that MIM fenders are more expensive now, but those are the "upgraded" models. I usually see them go for 250-350, but i think 350 is a bit steep for a pre-2009 (or 2010 or whenever they upgraded them) MIM Fender.