Hey guys!

I want to go into tertiary education for Jazz Studies, and I was wondering if any of you are currently studying at uni, how you got in, what you played, any advice? What was your theory knowledge at the time?

Thanks so much!
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I just got accepted for music at university this year. For the audition, I played Starship Trooper by Yes and Proclamation by Gentle Giant, but depending on the school you go to, you might need to learn some legit jazz pieces. As well, I was told to play some scales and arpeggios and play through a lead sheet (How High The Moon).
I suggest practicing with a Real Book/lead sheets; go through a tune playing the chords, then play the melody, and then try to do something creative, like soloing or playing the chords and melody at the same time.
For theory, I know things like scales and chord formation, that's really the bulk of the practical stuff you'd need to know when playing music. I don't really know a lot of analytical stuff like cadences, but I imagine that's mostly stuff you'll learn. I think most uni's are looking for you being a competent musician in auditions, and knowledge of theory is generally tested for placement in theory courses.
I was at school for jazz, then transfered to another school.
The first schools requirements were that you play one up tempo tune to demonstrate your improvisation (though I did, and you should improvise on both) and a ballad chord melody style. I played take the A train and Darn that Dream (I used a play along recording)
The second time it was the same with the addition of chords (as many voicings of a M7, 7, m7 and m7b5 chord as I could play) and scales (major, natural, harmonic and real melodic minor in 2 2 octave positions). I played Au Privave and Misty (one of the auditioners accompanied me).
Some other schools I applied to just required 3 tunes, one blues, one standard or latin tune and one chord melody ballad (the pre-screen allowed the use of a play-along, the audition was with a live band).
Berklee required one song (I played on green dolphin street), improvising on a blues, sight reading, and a simple theory and ear training test (probably the easiest audition out of all of them).

as far as theory goes, I knew (know) the basics of chord-scale theory, Chord construction, scale construction, harmonizing scales, and the basics of four part writing (though four part writing was not tested).

I presume that wherever you are tertiary education means college?
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