My guitar neck has a satin finish which I simply love. But after some time of playing, the finish became closer to a gloss finish, which is normal because skin is naturally greasy. Is there a product I can use to clean it up and restore the satin finish to its original condition?
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my Fx260 has that satin finish, i find just wiping the neck with a clean shirt or whatever brings it back to the orignil feel however yours might be more worn in
Yeah, wipping it didn't do much... But it doesn't look like the finish is worn, it's more like a coat of oil or something
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amazing...you sir deserve a lol stack

it sounds like you've effectively oil-finished your guitars neck (using human oil). you could certainly try gutiar cleaners (dunlop and GFS make some good ones), but i suspect you may be stuck (this happened to my acoustic... was there till i wore through the finish). if it doesnt affect you're playing too much, id say just leave it alone
I would just wipe it with a damp cloth and leave it. You could use a little fine steel wool on it and then wipe it down. It wont damage it and should bring it back to the satin feel.
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