Alright, so I switched over to bass, and I've got the technical technique down pretty well. Now I'm wondering if anyone has some good resources for kind of spicing up my basslines (you know, so that when I'm jamming with people I'm not just hitting root notes, also so that I can get a bit of bass soloing going on).

For reference the bassists I like include:
John Paul Jones
Les Claypool
Billy Gould
Geezer Butler
Geddy Lee

I am willing to pay for books/reliable online guides.
You could start with scales, and arpeggios, with Maj 7ths, flat 5ths, and Min 7ths. Then look at rhythm. Also, just learn basslines/bassists you like, and emulate some of the things they do which you think sound interesting.

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Just learn more music theory so that you can write better lines, and eventually be able to improvise them.

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I'll tell you a tip my ex-teacher taught me. It's three simple steps.

#1 Get a decent grasp of theory, major and minor just to start.

#2 Turn on mtv, or vh1, or radio (dunno, something that plays music, something pop)

#3 Improvise a bass line, a harmony or a solo.

The rhythms or harmonies should be too hard to pickup, you'll be out of your comfort zone so you'll have to think outside the box and on the go. (You can also apply this to country, hiphop or rap. Something simple, repetitive and it's out of you regular listening music) I've done this more than a couple of times, and even to my surprise some of my best solos have been to "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion, that was weird though interesting.
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i agree with most of the people up der. what i like to do when i play with my fingers is play the roots but add some flair, like if your playing a basic 1, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 thing than just add different notes from scales. alot of great bassists that do this are the bassist from Rancid, and Mike Dirnt on dookie album. im not really much of a fancy scale person, i just have a feel for what will sound good. learn some scales though, and throw in some extra notes on like the 2nd 4th 6th and 8th beat like
instead of just a bassic
thats mainly the sort of stuff i do. glad if i helped
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