Im not talking about tap harmonics (where you tap the fret 12 or 5 or 7 or 19 strings up) i mean like legit actual tapping on the acoustic. I saw a video on it on youtube (by this guy, aaron? or something like that) and i thought it was pretty good, but i think its kind of ambiguous on the actual technique of it, and all. I'm having trouble doing it on the higher strings especially, so does anybody who knows what im talking about have any tips for this?
My tips:
Finger Strength. You'll need lots of it.
The closer you tap near the 12th fret, the "worse" it sounds; that's because when you tap, you get the tone you want, but there's also a tone ringing from the other side of the string.
Practice. It's not easy.
Use a lot of force; it's hard to make acoustic tapping loud, so the harder you tap, the better it sounds, which leads me back to my first tip...
Finger Strength.
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