I'm getting a new guitar, and i've basically narrowed it down to two, The ESP/LTD Ec-1000 Amber(Has Seymour Duncans) or the Schechter Blackjack baritone. I play all kinds of styles i realize one is better for some things and vice versa, but yea your opinions i guess. Thanks

This is the normal Blackjack, but i'll find the baritone version for me

The Amber burst one, with the duncans
playing all kinds of styles i would personally stray away from the baritone
Well.. A huge difference is that the ESP LTD has passive pickups, blackjack has active pickups..
That makes a huge difference. Recommending also depends on whether your amp is tube or solid state and is it good or average or bad. I wouldn't get an over 1000 dollar guitar if my amp wouldn't be a tube.. That's a personal preference of course. Well,I haven't really ever tried baritones cause even the normal (25.5") scale feels a little weird to me. I prefer 24.75" scale which I have on my epi and the esp has the same scale. I also like the look of the amber sunburst eclipse (ignoring the fact that it does not have pickup covers..) way more than that blackjack. Well, if you play like blues and rock and that sort of stuff..your choice should be pretty easy,but if you play like death metal or thrash,it might be slightly harder. After all, I'd go with my opinion and that would be ESP LTD EC-1000 Amber Sunburst.
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Well i have both a solid state and a tube amp. But i'm planning on getting a Hot rod deluxe after i get a guitar. I know thats kinda opposite of what i should do, but i really want the guitar first. Thanks
The EC would probably suit you better as an all around guitar if for nothing else because of the pickups. I don't hate actives unlike a lot of people on here(i own active and passive), I just feel they aren't really as versatile as the SD's. You'd probably get more mileage out of the passive.
as an overall guitar, the EC is definately the better guitar. EC-1000's with duncans are one of my favorite LP style guitar simply because they play well and are capable of handling a wide range of styles. furthermore, the actives in the Schecter simply will not do if you are planning on getting a hot-rod deluxe (i have tried, save your time), they are just way too hot even after swapping the preamp tubes for 12AT7's

i simply think that the ec is a better all around guitar and that you will be less likely to tire of it over time